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main-div Carmel College logo The Carmel Song

Where e'er the road leads on from Carmel

Tread on surely as you chant this phrase

What e'er fate betide you

There's a constant light to guide you

"Know Him in all thy ways."


Both in glory and in sorrow,

Faced with censure or with praise!

You'll find courage for tomorrow

Turn again to Carmel days (remember).


Passing lights shall not delude us

March on boldly with a steadfast gaze

Facing life before us

Chanting out the Carmel chorus

"Know Him in all thy ways."



The Carmel Song

Cover 1 Carmel - The Jewish Chronicle magazine 1973-11-23

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Visit to Carmel College by Prince Charles in 1973 to commemorate the school's Silver Jubilee.


Note: There is no sound.

Cover 2

Read all about Carmel from The Observer, 1973

Carmel - The Observer 1973-10-23 Carmel shield quote

"Corridor cricket at Sherman"

Carmel shield quote

"Shiur with Lady Jacobowitz"

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Carmel shield quote

"The Springs for lunch on Sunday"

Carmel shield quote

"Sunday Times chess"

Carmel shield quote


Carmel shield quote

"Bunk beds"

Carmel shield quote

"In the concrete army shelter"

Carmel shield quote

"Regattas and sports days"

Carmel shield quote

"Double maths...

Double science!"

Carmel shield quote

"Mrs Greenberg's chocolate cake"

Here are a few quotes from students remembering their Carmel years...

Carmel shield quote

"According to Vashti"

Carmel shield quote

"THAT chair

in the Headmaster's office"

Carmel shield quote

"The Mikado"

Carmel shield quote

"Tuck Shop and Margie's toasties"

Carmel College logo OLD print

Carmel College revisited filmed in 2009 which was shown at the reunions in November 2009 and March 2010 at the Village Hotel.


The footage shows shots of Carmel College and a few staff members on site in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Jewish tradition is based on family life. Explores the way Carmel College, a Jewish boarding school, answers the needs of its pupils - the ethos of the school, the curriculum tailored to meet both the 'Jewish' and the 'public school' aspect, and leisure activities: opera, sport, drama and fun. The place of a separate denominational school is the underlying theme.

Carmel College - Two Cultures - 1967

Carmel College - Foundations For A Vision- 1965

Carmel College - Report From Carmel -1961